Body assessment guide

- How to receive a Full Body Assessment

In order to receive a Full Body Assessment, you will need to firstly register in the ‘UNLIMITED ACCESS’ membership and then fill out the online 'Body Assessment Form' provided in the next page. There will also be a section for you to ask any questions that you may have had regarding your body/posture. Once you complete the assessment form, you will receive the results via your email address within 1-3 working days.

- How many times can I complete the Full Body Assessment and receive an evaluation?

The Full Body Assessment can be completed once if you register for the Monthly membership, 3 times for the Quarterly membership, 6 times for the Bi-Annual membership and 12 times for the Yearly membership. Please note that this is an additional benefit provided to members who have registered in the UNLIMITED ACCESS package so make sure you complete the Assessment Form within the aforementioned timeframe. If you fail to complete the form during your membership timeframe, you will not be able to receive the results.

The Full Body Assessment allows you the opportunity to gain full insight into your current body state and also provides you with small goals and milestones to achieve during your exercise program. Continue exercising and regularly monitor your body with the Full Body Assessment. You can also leave any questions that may arise throughout the program to actively manage your health. All students can leave comments/questions below each exercise video, which will be answered accordingly. If you have any other questions before taking our exercise programs, please use the 'Contact' function within your profile to reach us.

* Please note that the Full Body Assessment consists of self-movement tests that you can do on your own and includes taking photos of your body due to the nature of the evaluation. If you do not need a body/posture evaluation, you can just complete the last part where you can leave any questions that you might have. The submitted photos are used for evaluation purposes only and will not be used for any other purposes without any prior consent.

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