Planning your exercise

Please read below before you start

* This program requires :

Foam-roller, Massage ball (or tennis ball), Resistance band, Towel

* Exercise plan

If alternating: Do Routine 1 every Mon/Thurs and Routine 2+3 every Wed/Sat or focus on Routine 1 and add the exercises from Routine 2+3 that you need.

If doing all in a day: Do the full routines at least 4 times a week.

This is a minimum, so you can repeat the routines everyday or even twice a day to see a quick result.

* The difference between typical workouts and the exercises in this program

Since most exercises are performed at a slow tempo with the exercise breathing technique, it takes a bit longer to perform one repetition compared to a typical workout rep. However, this means that the core and each part of the body are connected and used without interruption throughout that longer rep. In addition, when you exercise like this, the brain and nervous system can also be activated, helping to utilise the whole body and build a good posture. Therefore, CONCENTRATE even if you do only one repetition because as aforementioned, your whole body is working in that single movement!

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