Tensegrity = Tension + Integrity

The word 'Tensegrity', which combines the word 'Tension' and 'Integrity' means that the tension of the structures is in constant harmony. If you use it against the structure of the human body, the tension between the muscles that holp up the skeleton is in perfect harmony. In particular, it is very important to have tensegrity in a structure where various muscles are intertwined, such as the pelvis.

For example, when the knee is raised toward the chest (hip flexion), the hip flexors in the front of the pelvis are shortened/contracted and the gluteus muscles in the back are lengthened/stretched. However, the stretched gluteus muscles must maintain some tension to prevent the thigh bone from hitting the front of the hip socket as it is pulled too far forward by the hip flexors. In other words, they always need to counteract each other even though they are being stretched out. Maintaining tension while stretching muscles like this is, in other words, eccentric contraction. Eccentric contraction is therefore an essential factor in maintaining the tensegrity around the pelvis.

What if the tension in the muscles around the pelvis is too high as shown in the picture above and only pulls the bone all the time(concentric contraction)? It will definitely lead to collisions in the joint and eventually change the body shape. Conversely, if the muscles can maintain a certain elasticity rather than just pulling the bone constantly (Eccentric control)? It will allow smoother movements and more flexibility around the pelvis.

For this reason, it is important to develop the eccentric control of the surrounding muscles for pelvic correction. Restoring the elasticity of the muscles that have been tightened around the twisted pelvis is like putting water on a solid clay model and putting it in a "changeable state'. This will help those elastic muscles and tendons to adapt to the new body change quickly. Therefore, this class will be based on eccentric exercises and add other necessary exercises accordingly.

This method is different from the conventional method in which shortened muscles are always stretched and stretched muscles are concentrically contracted. In my experience of using both methods with more than 20,000 people, it is a much safer and more efficient way. For those who have tried the conventional method and not seen the result, try this for three months, you will definitely achieve remarkable results.

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